Vom Judischen Schicksal (The Jewish Fate), which won first prize in a prestigious Jewish music competition in 1937, was Richard Fuchs’ most significant work. The judges of the competition described it as “a heroical composition of verve and strength, sometimes even monumental”.

Fuchs received money to have the work performed. This was not cheap as it was a huge piece involving choir, Wagner horns, etc. But even after the scores had been prepared and the program printed, Fuchs was informed by Nazi Cultural Minister Hans Henkel that the performance was banned and was not even allowed to be played privately. Presumably the offensive aspect of the composition for the Nazis was the words of the German Jewish poet Karl Wolfskehl.

Vom Judischen Schicksal had its world premiere in 2014 in Wellington, New Zealand. Conductor Donald Maurice, soprano Jenny Wollerman, baritone Christian Thurston, Cantoris Choir, NZSM Orchestra.